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The ICT Library was founded in April 2006 on the initiative of SL member, Milosun Czervik. In RL, he holds a doctorate in instructional design & technology, which he earned at Virginia Tech. Currently, he works as a research associate, and does various instructional design projects, trains  faculy on ICT tools, and teaches pre-service teachers about ICT integration in the classroom.

The first iteration of the building appeared on Czervik's land on the main grid (in the Pickerel sim , adjacent to the "St. Paul's Cathedral" replica). Shortly thereafter, Czervik was contacted by SL member Lorelei Junot, who works for the Alliance Library System of Illinois (ALS). ALS had just purchased a single sim called "Info Island," and extended an invitation to Czervik to move the existing ICT Library to that spot. The current location is atop its original spot, though land usage has grown from 1024 sq m to just over 5,000 sq m.

 Although originally created as a place for SL educators to find relevant articles about teaching & learning in MUVEs, it quickly became a repository for scripts and scripted tools that educators might find useful. The ICT Library continues to be a center that all educators visit to find tools and other useful information.

On July 17, 2006, a new building was completed by AngryBeth Shortbread (a RL media integrator/designer), who has also created a number of highly useful educational tools (many available in the library).

In March 2007, a partnership agreement with the New Media Consortium in Second Life meant that the "bookstores" on the NMC Teaching islands would feature, at a minimum, the FreeWare Vendors (Scripts & Tools).

 A further agreement with the creators of the Second Life / Moodle mash-up, called "Sloodle" has meant that tools and information about Sloodle will now occupy space at the ICT Library.

Special thanks goes to SL members Jeremy Kapumbo, Mari Asturias, Pathfinder Linden, and Adiatha Bishop for their encouragement, ideas, and assistance at the outset of the project.