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Welcome to the ICT Library Shop catalog! 

The pages linked from here show what things are available in the ICT Shop at the ICT Library in Second Life.

One cannot download or buy the scripts/tools shown here (although some may be linked to external sites where it is possible). The catalog is simply a reference point for those who do not have time or the necessary skills to discover what is in the SL-based shop.

To see the results of a survey I conducted regarding use of these scripts/tools, see the SLED TOOLS SURVEY page. 

The Freeware Centre Vendors all distribut scripts and tools that are absolutely free to the user. In most cases, the user can modify the tool or script as s/he likes.

Commercial Vendors sell scripted tools as created by a selected number of persons who create/script in Second Life. Prices on many of the tools have been reduced especially for educators, trainers, and general ICT Library visitors.

The "On Display Only" page lists and shows tools that are displayed at the ICT Library. This is done for the enlightenment of visitors, to make them aware of tools that may be useful for education and training. All the tools shown can be purchased from their developers.