Industry Involvement & Sponsorship

    We would like to encourage corporate involvement in ICTL 2014 both in terms of sharing industry knowledge and expertise, and also in terms of sponsorship.

    The various ways of sponsoring our conference are as follows: 

    Platinum Sponsorship

    900 USD. Your company is highlighted as the main sponsor of the event, and your company logo is clearly displayed in a prime location. The company name is always listed first, and displayed clearly as prime sponsor on our website. Promotional and information materials are included in the conference packs. Buy Now.

    Gold Sponsorship

    600 USD. Your company is listed as an official sponsor of the event, and your logo is clearly shown. Promotional and informational materials from your company are given to each participant. Buy Now.

    Company Promotion: 

    Companies or institutions wishing their promotional materials to be included in the delegates packs, may do so at a cost of 300 USD. Buy Now.

    All fees are to be paid in full by 29th May 2014.

    If you are interested in involving your company or institution in ICTL 2014, please email industry@ictlconference.com

    We welcome the involvement of companies, educational institutions and journals in ICTL 2014.
    For a discussion of opportunities, please contact info@ictlconference.com.
    Previous sponsors have included Sage Publications, Emerald Publications, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, the Research Center for Asia Pacific Development Studies, The Journal of Town & City Management, 
    and Balamand University, Lebanon.