Publication of Proceedings

    All presented contributions will be published in the official online proceedings, which will have an assigned ISBN number. 

    The deadline for abstract or full-paper submission is 15th May 2014. Submissions sent in by that date will be double-blind refereed.

    Please send all submissions to

    Abstracts will be published in the proceedings as "Abstract Reviewed" (AR). Full papers will be published  in the proceedings as "Refereed Papers" (RP).

    If you have sent an abstract only, and this has been accepted, then you may then subsequently send your full paper to be published in the proceedings, by 29th May 2014. Your paper will be published as "Paper - Abstract Reviewed" (PAR).

    All participants will receive one CD copy of the proceedings upon registration. The official conference proceedings are online.

    All fees must be paid by 29th May 2014.

    This will be the seventh published collection of ICTL papers. The proceedings are published with an ISBN number, and are made available on an open-access basis online. Participants also receive a CD version of the proceedings.