Testimonials from 
Being Muslim Being British

'These are high end, very articulate, very intelligent young people... The [local] BMBB experience showed that the whole group at the beginning their views were aligned with the Hizb-ut-Tahrir. But at the end of the course all of them had significantly changed their position.’ 

          - Course facilitator

‘For me as a facilitator it’s really gratifying to see the kind of very fixed opinions of some of the young people radically change over the 8 sessions… It’s a really exciting opportunity for the young people as they have opened up their way of thinking – opened up the possibilities for themselves’.

Course facilitator

‘You can be British and you can be Muslim. It doesn't have to be one or the other’. 

- Participant 

‘BMBB has done so much for my understanding where people come from: their values and beliefs…It’s helped me to put my own values and views into perspective…to refine them…and that can’t be taken away.’

- Participant

‘It was  a very terminal point for me to see that people really took their religion very, very seriously…you open to understanding other people…I found it very interesting, thought-provoking…I found it fantastic!’


‘I liked how we had to think laterally about conflict resolution and not act upon our first instincts.’

 - Participant

‘As a practicing Muslim I think IC [Integrative Complexity] is in Islam anyway – that’s my personal view.’ 


‘In Islam before you speak you are to listen carefully, digest what is heard, hear the full story, hear both sides…before you go for it or make a judgement.  I am trying to incorporate that into my life and ya, I’ve really enjoyed the course. 


‘What BMBB taught me is you should always look at other people’s perspectives instead of judging them straight away.  Whereas before I would probably be quite harsh on them now I look at the bigger picture.  What I also enjoyed is you learn something new and you do something.  You go home feeling good about something and you research, like science and religion.   It helps you gain more knowledge; it helps you to look at other people’s perspectives.’ 


‘Both sides need to look beyond the stereotypes and see the bigger picture and build bridges.’   


‘When I originally did this course back in Brixton I didn’t get it, or I thought I didn’t get it, then when me and M... discussed this the other day we realised that we did get it... and we actually use quite a lot of the ideas in the work we do with our teams’.

  - Participant

‘When I started this course I had some sympathy with some radical views, its hard to say that now, I don't have those views now …when you do this course you start to realise there are many alternative ways at looking at the same situation....
Before also when friend wanted to say sorting to me something that I did not agree with, I would just argue with them, now I will actually listen to them, hear their story, I may not agree with them but at least I am willing to listen to them’.  


How young can we start?

‘What I have now is a lot different parts that I can join together so that I can use this [kind of thinking] to decide what I want to do in the future’.

An 8 year old Somali boy (London) after just 2 sessions of BMBB




Testimonials from 
Conflict Transformation

‘This has transformed our organisation. We just had a meeting and we were all flexing our IC muscles and using IC. Everyone commented on that.’   

‘I have found myself this week, thinking of every situation I can think of, whether it’s with my partner or with the men or the women where I live, in every situation I’m going through the tools we’ve been given and thinking  - this will work, this will work. This week has really equipped me not only for my work within this organisation but for my life in general. Thank you.’

‘‘This was an excellent week, well grounded in theory, in neuroscience, very expertly facilitated, good blend of learning activities, lots of practical application and highly relevant’.

‘I really enjoyed learning to better respond to conflict. The techniques of branching and weaving, active listening and stretching out black and white thinking are all very practical.’

For me this week has been so amazing, but the whole black and white thing. My partner and I have talked about how I just see everything in black and white, because it’s safer and securer to do so, even though it’s problematic, even though I don’t like it. So today that stretching of that black and white to the grey, that’s very valuable to me and very hope- bringing for me to go back into the conflicts, breath, stretch, and allow for grey. I’m really looking forward to putting together all the practices. And thank you so much. We’re taking this to the globe!’

‘I think it’s been so beneficial for myself and my sanity and I also look forward to modelling it. That’s what I want to do is model it for other people and that’s one way of disseminating it.’

‘I immediately started using this excellent teaching in every aspect of my life, marriage, parenting, friendships, church, and work.’

‘I loved the role play, debating and team work. I could have done that all day!’

‘I’m excited to take this home to my family, my marriage, my children, and to integrate it with my parents’.

‘I really appreciated the expert teaching, made understandable with immediate application through the exercises and self-reflection homework’.

‘Thank you to everyone involved in the research. Not only the research, but teaching others from so many parts of the world with so many different worldviews. The potential for peace is awesome. I am so very grateful I had the privilege to partake in this training.’

‘I appreciated the repetition of the key ideas involved in raising my IC. Since there is so much involved in the training, this was very helpful. Also, each day built on the day before, and at the end of the time it was clear how the separate parts integrated. Being able to ask questions and the facilitator being available to talk with even after and before the sessions was great.’

‘The course addressed all the learning styles, which helped me as an activist learner. There was a good mix of doing, listening, teaching, and reflecting. This course has named and given structure to a number of experiences of conflict which has helped me to put them in context, reflect, and...learn new strategies for dealing with...inevitable conflict. Thank you!’

‘Brilliant. Very pleased to have taken this course. It was conducted in a deeply professional, compassionate, informed, and thoughtful way, such that engagement with the course was high throughout. Very helpful material presented in a highly effective and stimulating way.’

‘Everyone should do this course! Facilitator is a consummate expert in her field, a first class presenter, a compassionate facilitator, and has a firm understanding of how adults learn. The exercises were relevant, effective and ‘safely’ managed. Pace of material was good: all relevant material presented but with ample space for contributions from the floor. All contributions were graciously received and incorporated into the discussion and presentation. I have learnt about myself and have new practical skills with which to transform conflict.’

‘I appreciated that the facilitator enabled us to participate physically – that our bodies were welcomed and involved and not just our heads – this week has made me much more aware of my body, of how it is affected by conflict, and of how our bodies can be a source of transformation.’