IC for Youth

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IC is for everyone – and every conflict.

All human beings struggle when facing ‘difference’.

‘…people around the world are interacting more, they are being forced to consider ‘foreign’ lifestyles and worldviews…This mixing and clashing of culture can be deeply threatening to people if they feel they are losing their identity.’

Carl Malek, Beyond Intractibility

Schools, colleges and universities are an ideal place for ICthinking® courses as part of the mandatory curriculum, as elective enrichment courses, as extra-curricular courses, and as CV-enhancing activities.

  • ICthinking® has been commissioned by a London borough council to develop and assess an across-the-board, ‘every group conflict, all extremisms’ IC course and a course to address xenophobia in Europe
  • ICthinking® has successfully run I SEE! Life Skills for a Changing Scotland in Graeme High School, Falkirk, Scotland, with students struggling and disruptive for a variety of reasons. Evaluations by the Head Teacher and other Teachers concluded that the course had been a resounding success. The student participants asked for the course to continue and their transformation is recognized throughout the school (e.g., via reduced exclusions and other disciplinary actions, increased social integration and self-awareness including anger management and the capacity to work with teachers and other students despite disagreement).

IC courses for Youth address tensions that play out in schools and colleges among

  • gangs, including bullying
  • rich and poor
  • different ethnicities
  • different religions
  • all extremisms

Experiential group activities, ‘learning by doing’, and creative projects ensure that every young person participating in the course learns according to their different learning styles

IC is fun. IC is challenging. IC is empowering.

Each course runs with 12 to 18 participants led by a trained facilitator.

A Certificate of Completion for the ICthinking® course developed at the University of Cambridge will enhance young people’s CVs (curriculum vitae) for job seeking and further or higher education applications.

ICthinking® increases the kind of emotional and social intelligence that employers value, and that more powerfully predicts success and career advancement than IQ alone. Young graduates of ICthinking® courses are empowered citizens of their communities, ready to contribute to the common good.

(To read about the importance of emotional intelligence for employment and its role in all social situations, see Daniel Goleman (2007) Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More than IQ, NY: Bantam Books.)