Being Muslim Being British

Explore the issues facing young Muslims today

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Being Muslim Being British (BMBB) is for young people encountering conflict or worldview clash:

  • within schools, colleges, families, friends, neighbourhoods, place of worship 
  • with other groups
  • with other ways of seeing the world.

An 8 session multi-media course 

  • 8 original DVDs 
  • Facilitator’s Manual for leading 16 contact hours 
  • Handouts for participants 
  • Facilitator’s advice DVD
'I liked how we had to think laterally about conflict resolution; and not act upon our first instincts'
BMBB participant

We offer Training in IC to equip youth workers and professionals to help young people to engage with the value and worldview clashes that underlie disputes.

You can be British and you can be Muslim.  It doesn't have to be one or the other

What are the group activities like?


Participants work together in groups to explore possible solutions through: debate, creative problem solving, role play, enacting real issues through guided IC activities. This is a physical and interactive experience, not only an intellectual process. 

New versions are being developed, tested and run in:

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Being Muslim Being British was made possible through the generous support of the European Commission. 

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