IC Thinking in the Journal of Strategic Studies

Four articles about IC Thinking have recently been published in a special edition of the peer-reviewed academic Journal of Strategic Studies (click titles to download).  These are an excellent introduction to our recent work, and show both the theoretical basis of our approach and how it is implemented in a variety of settings.

"I SEE! Scotland: Tackling Sectarianism and Promoting Community Psychosocial Health"

"Increasing Cognitive Complexity and Collaboration Across Communities: Being Muslim Being Scottish"

"An IC Intervention for Post-Conflict Northern Ireland Secondary Schools"

"Complexity Under Stress: Integrative Approaches to Overdetermined Vulnerabilities"

Introducing IC Thinking
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IC thinking expands the HOW of thinking 
to address conflict and worldview clash

It is built on pioneering work at
the University of Cambridge


When people feel that their core values and identity are under threat, they go into ‘tunnel vision’, they lose the ability to consider other points of view and think in black and white.

The ICthinking® method overcomes this by expanding the frameworks of thinking that people bring to conflict.  This

  • increases people’s ability to engage with opposing viewpoints while remaining true to their own values
  • promotes social change that is stable and win/win.
Being Muslim Being British has resounding success reaching many communities across the UK.

Download the peer-reviewed journal article:

I SEE! Life Skills for a Changing Scotland is an empowering course for people in the midst of change – celebrating life in Scotland while also facing into current challenges.

Conflict Transformation is for organisations and groups who want to resolve conflict in order to ‘live well with difference’ through proven, assessed ICthinking® life skills. The course overcomes the reasons why negotiations fail before they begin, enabling a new start that is win / win. Conflict is normal, and can be transformed.