Problem III. Changing the Looks of a Sprite

Open a new project.  Save it, calling it catlooks.
Making a new costume
1.  Click on the costume tab.
2.  Click on the copy button.
3.  Use the drawing tools to change something about the cat.
4.  Click on OK  when you are done.
5.  Click on the scripts tab to write directions again.
Using switch costume to ___________, point towards________
1.  Build a script using switch costume to costume1, move 10 and wait .1, then add switch costume to costume2, move 10 and wait .1.
2.  Add point towards mouse-pointer.
3.   Put them inside a forever  command. 
4.  Start them with a green flag control bar.
Using change _________ effect by ____ change _________ size by ____
1.  Add a change _________ effect by ____ bar inside the forever.  Experiment with the different effects and with different numbers.
2.  Try out a change _________ size by ____ bar the same way.
3.  Think about how you could use negative numbers and a second set of commands to undo the changes.
Using say ______, and say ______for__.
1.  Add a say hello inside the forever.  Change the hello to your own words.
2.  Replace the say______ with the say ______for__ to get the words to go way.  Find the best place for the speech bubble to appear, then for the say ______for__ to take it away.