Best (and Least Expensive) Tech For Flipping


Sue Glascoe
Mesa Community College
Math Department

Website: http://tech4mathed.com/
Twitter:  tech4mathed
Email:  tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com
LinkedIn:  Sue Glascoe

I will be giving a hands-on workshop on the use of the iPad and a laptop for flipping your classes the cheapest and easiest way possible.

The outline for this workshop will be as follows (times are tentative - but necessary to get through all the topics!):

1:30-3:15  TOPIC   DETAILS  


Intro to Doceri (on iPad)

You will learn to use the
Doceri app on the iPad to create animated lessons.


Intro to Doceri (on iPad and connected to laptop)

You will learn to use the
Doceri app through the laptop, but working
directly on the iPad to create animated lessons. 


Your Assignment: Create an animation using Doceri

Create an animation using Doceri.  If time, add sound to create a
video and upload it to the YouTube account for the workshop.


Introduction to Workspace and
the Bamboo Tablet (laptop)

Introduction to using your laptop to create videos using a program for interactive whiteboards called Workspace (eInstruction) and a Wacom Bamboo tablet.


Introduction to Jing (on laptop)

Introduction to the free app Jing for both Mac and Windows.  Jing allows you to capture the screen as an image or a create a short video.


Your assignment:  Create a video using Workspace and Jing

We will take about 10 minutes for you to create a short video using Jing and Workspace (and the Bamboo Tablet).  If time, upload it to the YouTube
account for the workshop.


and wrap-up
I have listed other resources here for you to use after the workshop. 
I will not take down this website, so you will always have access
to it if you want a refresher!