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 ICT & Education: Research, Thought & Professional Organizations

 Manitoba Education Links
 Web 2.0 Links  ---   visit the Web 2.0 ? page
 Computer Terminology & Basics
 Tekmom's Technology Buzzwords for Students
Education World's Internet Glossary
Sharpened Glossary
The Techweb Encyclopedia
Help with PCs (terms & more!)
Right Track Learning Center
Using Technology in Teaching

Concept to Classroom - lots on teaching - more than ICT, but includes webquests & internet
Tom March: Bright Ideas in Education (one of the creators of webquests)  
Internet 4 Teachers (LOTS of good stuff!) 
LEARN Quebec (lots of resources on lots of tech topics) 
4 - teaching with technology
Microsoft Education - tutorials, lessons and more
Using Technology with Marzano's Strategies
Webquest Direct
Webquests on Teach-nology
Internet Expeditions

The Teacher Tap
Using Video Games to Learn
Literacy wit ICT @ ST. James-Assiniboia

 Royalty Free Resources
 Sounds & Music
Creative Commons (Canada)
Free Photographs @ morguefile
 Tutorial Sites

 Hardware & Software Sites
Apple, Canada Smart Technology

 Lesson Plan Sites (all subject areas)

Education World

EdHelper - worksheets

Blue Web'n (AT&T Knowledge Network
Teacher Vision - lessons & tools for all grades ...

  Internet & Media literacy
The Internet Society 
BU Library: info on web searching & evaluation from our own library.
History of the Internet - from NSF
'Net Know How: comprehensive site on using the net - from copyright to web 2.0
 Learn the Net
Alan November hosts a great web site with information on evaluating content of web sites.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ... this site looks at the how and why of evaluating web sites. (New Mexico State University)
Media Awareness Network - media awareness and literacy, not just the web - Canadian, too!
ICT Literacy - a global partnership among leading business, education, and public policy stakeholders to promote universal ICT Digital Literacy.
Find out the owner and contact for web sites - use 'whois' databases - for .ca sites: cira,ca, for other sites use: net solutions. or or
 PBS Teacherline has great resources & links on media awareness!
Find out about search engines and search engine watch.
SafeSurf ~ this site provides site ratings, safe links and other information.
Johns Hopkins - info on evaluating web site content
University of California @ Berkley - good stuff!!
Queen's University
That'sNot Cool! - responsible use of cell phones, etc.. (aimed at kids)