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Call for Industry Presentations


The objective of the Industry Practice program is to establish a meaningful dialog among software practitioners and with software engineering researchers on the results (both good and bad), obstacles, and lessons learned associated with applying software development practices in various environments. The Industry Practice presentations will provide accounts of the application of software engineering practices (which may be principles, techniques, tools, methods, processes, testing techniques etc.) to a specific domain or to the development of a significant software system. In particular, we are interested in software development techniques that prevent bugs or detect bugs early during development in addition to various downstream bug metrics and reliability growth curves etc. We would like the Industry presentations to be of interest to software development professionals as well as software quality groups.


We seek submissions of one page abstracts by authors in the software testing community on industry relevant topics in technology, tools and practices related to software testing, quality, safety, metrics, reliability, and modeling. The one page abstracts should contain:

  • A problem definition and its importance
  • Any potential solution tried to address the problem
  • Analysis of the results / lessons learned
  • Outline of the talk itself
In addition, the submission may contain example slides or as much of the actual presentation as the author wants to submit.
Each accepted presentation will have 20-30 min to present at the main conference.

Review Process

Since the goal of this track is to establish a dialog between practitioners and testers, this track will be as inclusive as possible. Submissions will be reviewed by the organizing committee and selected based on their interest and relevance to the wider testing community and the availability of speaking slots.  

How to submit?

 Please email submissions to Brian Robinson at by the submission date below.

Important dates

Submission of abstracts 
 March 1st, 2014
Notification of acceptance  March 8th, 2014