Service-oriented computing represents the natural evolution of distributed systems towards offering ubiquitous, large-scale computing services as a utility. Service-oriented computing paradigm encompasses such evolving technologies such as cloud computing, and emerging new paradigms including Internet of Things. The concomitant complexity of service-oriented computing environments makes them prone to unexpected failures, either from operational environments or from uncontrollable force majeure. Mitigating the effects of failures, either through scheduled maintenance or reactive approaches has always been the practice du jour. Characterizing the effectiveness of such approaches comes under the purview of dependability, an umbrella concept that encompasses attributes such as reliability, availability, performability, survivability, safety, integrity, and maintainability. Security related concepts such as confidentiality, availability and integrity can also be brought under the dependability framework.

DISCO workshop co-located with ICSOC will offer an excellent venue to bring together researchers from both dependability and service-oriented computing communities.

NEWS: Submission deadline has been extended to September 14, 2015.

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