The 6th International Conference on Software Business will be held on June 10-12, 2015 at Braga, Portugal. The ICSOB 2015 conference addresses the creation of software-based products, platforms, and services and the business models behind them. In particular, the ICSOB 2015 conference addresses the creation of software-based products and services that provide solutions to the biggest challenges and problems faced by modern cities.

Conference theme: Enterprising cities

Advancements in the software industry have had a substantial impact not only on productivity and on GDP growth globally, but also on our daily work and lives. Moreover, there is a noticeable spillover within other industries (e.g. manufacturing, entertainment industry) enabling new business models: companies bundle their physical products and software services into solutions (e.g. using subscription models or in-app purchases) and start to sell independent software products in addition to physical products. Software business refers to commercial activities in and around the software industry, aimed at generating income from the delivery of software products and software services. 

Although the software business shares common features with other international knowledge-intensive businesses, it carries many inherent features making it a challenging domain for research. In particular software companies have to depend on one another to deliver a unique value proposition to their customers or a unique experience to their users. Moreover, recent developments like the emerging app economy offer a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs or start-up companies. The software ecosystems forming around these companies are also subject of the conference. 

The challenge for academia lies not only in studying software business, software production, and surrounding themes, but also in teaching. This year, the conference intends to attract researchers and practitioners, who are concerned with software business in different ways as well as the start-up community, which is increasingly focusing on mobile and social software. The main theme of 2015 focuses on addressing the challenges that modern cities with innovative software products and services. Amongst others, case reports of courses, student projects, and practical experiences are welcome. 

ICSOB 2015 intends to attract researchers and practitioners who are concerned with software business in different ways as well as the start-up community, which is increasingly focusing on mobile and social software. You are invited to submit papers addressing contemporary issues emerging at the intersection of the software and business domains, broadly defined. Both papers reporting research results and industrial experiences are welcome. Invited are original submissions on the topics listed below. 


  • Software platforms and ecosystems 
  • Software supply networks 
  • Business models of cloud computing 
  • Software product management 
  • Licensing, intellectual property and patents 
  • Business models for software startups and companies 
  • App economy 
  • Productization, servification, and servitization 
  • Impact of megatrends on software business 
  • Effects of business models on software development 
  • Global and cultural aspects of software business 
  • Mobile software business trends 
  • Partnership models and APIs 
  • Games and gamification 
  • Software business education 
  • Software entrepreneurship education 
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the software industry 
  • Intellectual property rights 
  • Dynamics of software ecosystems 
  • Openness in software businesses 
  • Economic aspects of engineering 
  • Internationalization of software firms 
  • Outsourcing 
  • SaaS and Cloud-based enterprise software startups 
  • Economics of software startups 

Special sessions this year

  • Dragon’s Den for Portuguese startups
  • Doctoral symposium
  • Workshop on entrepreneurship education