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<Photo: participants of the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011>
        International Center for Social Entrepreneurship (ICSE) was founded in March, 2010 for the goal of supporting those individuals who wish to contribute to solving social issues through social innovations.  ICSE is a spin-off of the Social Entrepreneurship Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), which had been conducted from April of 2006 to March of 2010.


        The “Social Innovation” is the introduction of new concepts, methods, and structures to address social problems such as poverty, unemployment, human rights, and environmental problems.  Those leaders of these activities are called “Social Entrepreneurs”.  We, ICSE, will support “Social Entrepreneurs”.


        ICES is currently managed on voluntary-basis.

[Final results of the Competition 2011 ( held in November )]


NEC Awardee

Mr. William Hong ( The Philippines )

ウィリアム・ホン  ( フィリピン )


Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

Solar-electric power generation facility, devices and their usage.



IDeA Awardee

Ms. Mary Jane Alcedo ( The Philippines )

メアリー・ジェーン・アルセド氏 ( フィリピン )


Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

Agriculture, Food supply



ICSE Awardee 

Mr. ISHIO Junichiro ( Japan )

イシオ ジュンイチロウ  ( 日本 )

Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

Food supply and Sales, Overcoming of cultural boundaries


[Announcement / お知らせ: Oct. 18, 2011]
2011年11月5日(土)午後に開催される ICSE ビジネスプランコンテスト 2011のオーディエンス参加者を募集しております。

Call for Audience Participation for ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 to be held on Saturday November 5, 2011 afternoon.
For more details and registration, please refer to information here.

 Deadline of the submission of your business plan for the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 is approaching! :  Due  Oct 24>
Those who had submitted the entry sheets by the submission due (Oct 10) are now eligible to submit Business Plan documents.

Please send it to:  

    contact-icse ==at==
    (please replace ↑ above ==at== to @)

Format is free however please take into account that presentation time will be 10 minutes / presenter.

[ Road Map of ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 ]

 Deadline of the submission of entry sheet for the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 is approaching!>
Please register by submitting the entry sheet (i.e., summary of your idea.)  The entry sheet form is available here.  The deadline of the submission is October 10, 2011!

[Announcement: Sep. 27, 2011]
"Thank you" letter for the follow-up field visit to Mito City Agricutlural Public Cooperation organized by ICSE admin team (read more here)
[Announcement: August 9, 2011]
Business Plan Clinic Entry form is now ready.
For registration, please follow link → here ← .
[Update: August 9, 2011]
Orientation for the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 was held on August 5, 2011 at the Royal Blue Hall of the Tokyo Tech Front (TTF.)
The materials which were presetned in the event are available here.
[Announcement: June 21, 2011]
  • Orientation for the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011 Social Innovation for Sustainable Society ―
Date and time: August 5, 2011  (Friday), from 18:30 to 20:30
Venue: Royal Blue Hall, Tokyo Tech Front (TTF)
  •  Final presentation for the ICSE Business Plan Competition 2011
Date and time: November 5, 2011 (Saturday), from 13:30 to 18:30
Venue: Royal Blue Hall, Tokyo Tech Front (TTF)
- Alumni Meeting of ICSE Business Plan Competition 2010
DATE: January 8, 2011 Saturday 16:00-- 18:00
Venue: Shiibaura Campus 506(5th Floor),
Shibaura Institute of Technology
<3-minutes walk from Shibaura Exit of JR Tamachi Station>
Access map is available at the URL below.

 [Announcement: October 2, 2010]
ICSE Business Plan Competition 2010
Social Innovation for Sustainable Society ―
Date:  October 16, 2010
Venue: Campus Innovation Center Tokyo

NEC Corporation and International Development Associates Ltd.(IDeA) genersouly have agreed to offer sponsorships for this competition.
[Final results of the competition, November 2010]


NEC Awardee

Mr. Nhat VUONG ( Switzerland )

ナット・ヴォン氏 ( スイス )


Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

NGO/NPO, donation (kifu), ICT [Information Communication Technology]

NGO/NPO 寄付 情報通信技術

NEC announcemnt is available here (Japanese only):


IDeA Awardee

Mr. Workineh Sisay Ayichew ( Ethiopia )

ワーキネィ・シセイ氏 ( エチオピア )


Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

Agriculture, machinery implementation, higher productivity

        農業 機械設備導入 生産性向上


ICSE Awardee 

Mr. William Hong ( The Philippines )

ウィリアム・ホン ( フィリピン )

Plan Keywords / プランキーワード:

Solar-electric power generation facility and its usage.