Workshop on Emerging Supercomputing Technologies 2011
In Conjunction with the 25th International Conference on Supercomputing

Future exascale architectures and systems must leverage emerging technologies. No combination of existing technologies provides exascale capability within the footprint of today’s high-performance systems. As system architects evaluate technology alternatives from device and circuit research, they must draw on specific application demands. If a technology is not to be perpetually emerging, compelling applications and system deployments must be found. This workshop promotes the exchange of ideas at the interfaces of supercomputing applications, high-performance architectures, and emerging technologies. New memory technologies are of particular interest.

Preliminary Program

 10:45 -- 11:00    
Opening Remarks.
 11:00 -- 11:30   
Exploring the Performance-Energy Tradeoffs in Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication.
V. Karakasis, G. Goumas and N. Koziris (National Technical University of Athens).

 11:30 -- 12:00
Magnetic RAM Integration for CMPs using Hardware-Based Software-Optimized Dispatching.
Y. Li, Y. Chen and A. Jones (University of Pittsburgh).

 12:00 -- 13:30

 13:30 -- 14:00
Phase Change Memory: An Architecture and Systems Perspective.
B. Lee (Duke University)

 14:00 -- 14:30
On the Role of NVRAM in Data Intensive HPC Architectures.
B. Van Essen, R. Pearce, S. Ames, and M. Gokhale (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)

 14:30 -- 15:00 
CODES: Enabling Co-Design of MultiLayer Exascale Storage Architectures.
J. Cope, N. Liu, S. Lang, P. Carns, C. Carothers, and R. Ross (Argonne National Lab, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

 15:00 -- 15:30
Coffee Break
 15:30 -- 16:00
An Early Evaluation of a Flash-Based Parallel Filesystem.
N. Wright and S. Canon (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

 16:00 -- 16:30
Using Flash Memory to Bridge the Latency Gap in High Performance Computing.
A. Snavely, P. Cicotti, S. Gupta, V. Nandigam, J. He, J. Bennett, M. Bhaskaran, R. Sinkovits, M. Tatineni (San Diego Supercomputer Center).

 16:30 -- 17:30
Emerging Memory Technologies for Exascale.

Topics of Interest:
  • Novel deployments of existing technology (e.g., Flash)
  • Applications of emerging non-volatile memory (e.g., phase change memory)
  • Applications of emerging memory architectures (e.g., eDRAM, 3D-stacking)
  • High-performance application requirements for memory and storage
  • Technology surveys and tutorials
  • Scientific computing, supercomputer design and organization
  • Commercial computing, datacenter design and organization
  • Coordinated hardware-software design
  • Performance analysis, modeling, auto-tuning, optimization
  • Energy efficiency analysis, modeling, auto-tuning, optimization

Submission Guidelines:
Submissions must be 6 pages maximum, following ACM conference formatting guidelines. All submissions in PDF format. A collection of the best papers may be invited to a special issue of a journal to be determined.

Important Dates:
Full Papers: April 15
Reviews Due: May 2
Notification: May 6
Workshop: May 31

Benjamin C. Lee (Duke University): Benjamin is an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. His research focuses on scalable technologies, power-efficient computer architectures, and high-performance applications.  He held an NSF Computing Innovation Fellowship at Stanford University.  He also held visiting research positions at Microsoft Research, Intel, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  Ph.D./S.M., Harvard University.  B.S., University of California, Berkeley.

Magnus Själander (Chalmers University of Technology): Magnus is a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.  His research focuses  on high-performance, low-power digital circuits and power-aware scheduling for multicore systems.  He has interned at NXP Semiconductors and has worked at Aeroflex Gaisler.  Ph.D./Licentiate, Chalmers University of Technology, M.S., Luleå University of Technology.

Program Committee:
Shane Canon (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Christopher Carothers (Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute)
Yiran Chen (University of Pittsburgh)
Bronis de Supinski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Babak Falsafi (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)
Maya Gokhale (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Hsien-Hsin Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Hai Li (Polytechnic Institute of New York)
Shih-Lien Lu (Intel Corporation)
Dimitrios Nikolopoulos (University of Crete and FORTH-ICS)
Allan Snavely (San Diego Supercomputing Center)
Steve Swanson (University of California San Diego)
Nicholas Wright (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)