Image credits (clockwise from top left): Google, University of Toronto, WillowGarage, Atlas Copco, University of Oxford, John Deere/iRobot, NASA/JPL/Caltech, Rutgers University


When: Friday, May 18, 2012, 8:30am--5:00pm

Where: The River Center, St. Paul, Minnesota [more details] 


The problem of long-term autonomy is attracting increased attention in the robotics research community. State-of-the-art robotic mapping and localization systems have demonstrated the ability to operate in increasingly large-scale environments---the DARPA Grand Challenge, Mars Exploration Rovers, Willow Garage PR2 demos, long-range visual-teach-and-repeat systems, and Atlantic-Ocean crossing AUVs are only some of the examples of the maturity of the field. However, it remains to be seen how to extend the operation time of autonomous robotic systems from days to months or years. This goal poses new challenges related to robust long-term operation and lifelong learning.

We invite authors to share their experience and insight at this full-day workshop. Topics of interest include, but are not necessary limited to: 
  • Persistent estimation in changing environments 
  • Place recognition over time 
  • Semantic information for lifelong learning 
  • Power considerations 
  • Robust systems engineering 
  • Tracking long-term environmental change 
  • Long-term planning and exploration strategies
  • The role of sliding autonomy in enabling long-term operations


The list of speakers will be updated as confirmations are received.

Organizers and Contact Details

Dr. Paul FurgaleAutonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zürich
paul.furgale (at) mavt.ethz.ch

Prof. Gabe Sibley, Department of Computer Science, George Washington University
gsibley (at) gwu.edu

Prof. Tim Barfoot, Autonomous Space Robotics Lab, University of Toronto
tim.barfoot (at) utoronto.ca 


The Workshop on Long-Term Autonomy is a full-day workshop of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), held at the River Centre in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, May 14--18, 2012.