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Week 2 Fall

rubber stamp letter  p H letter O letter T letter O letter S

This week we focused on pictures, starting with some quick ways to make photos and moving on to finding Creative Commons photos on Flickr and then editing chosen photos using iPiccy. We're going to keep our iPiccy photos secret for now because we might be using these in our book trailer(s). There is, however, a clue in one of the Red Kid images to what book we might make a trailer for.

Spell with Flickr - spell out words using letter photos from Flickr

Red Kid Generator - generate posters with all sorts of fun backgrounds

Compfight - an easy way to search for Creative Commons photos on Flickr

iPiccy - an online photo editor that doesn't require an account

We also talked about books we like and would like to promote when we make a book trailer. Please help us decide by answering this survey. Thank you!

Book Trailer Survey Fall