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Week 1 Fall

Tech Club got off to a great start this week with a group of enthusiastic, inquisitive and skilled kids. Week 1 started with introductions and surveying what people already know, what technology they have access to at home and what they are interested in learning. The schedule will change a bit based on their feedback.

Internet Safety: we talked about YAPPY, information children should not give out online: Your name, adddress, password, phone number and your plans. Thanks to Professor Garfield and the Infinite Learning Lab for this acronym. Try out Garfield's quiz in this online safety video to test your understanding of YAPPY.

Avatars: Avatars are fun to make, but can also be a safer alternative to a profile photo online. Some fun avatar sites:
Wimp Yourself


Clay Yourself

Just for Fun
Draw a Stickman

Book Trailers: making a book trailer is one of our planned projects so we watched some book trailers to get the wheels churning about possibilities.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon trailer


The Hallelujah Flight