" Nature Studies: Plurality of Voices for a Sustainable Future"


Once again the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc. will host an international conference for the environment.  The International Conference on Nature Studies 2017 will serve as a venue for multicultural , multidisciplinary, and engendered conversations on nature. The theme " Nature Studies: Plurality of Voices for a Sustainable Future" recognizes the diversity of thematic interest in and roles of nature studies in achieving future.  Hence, the conference aim to : a. create an environment where scientist, researchers, academicians, and other individual across culture, spaces, ages, and genders can interactive discourses an nature studies for sustainability; b. provide capability building in writing a research proposal to participants; c. enhance PSSN members' camaraderie networking and collaborations.


The highlights of the ICONSIE 2017 Conference are the best papers competitions in both oral and posters papers, pre- conference, key notes and plenary speeches, and BOT elections. It will be held at the Splash Mountain Resort, Brgy. Lalakay, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines April 19- 21, 2017.

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