You’re looking at iconsider, an iPhone app built for icon designers! 

Install PNG files from your Mac into your iPhone with just a single touch! 

Previewing multiple possible choices on the iPhone itself has never been easier!

Simply upload the files to Dropbox

Upload the 512px PNG files you’ve designed on your Mac into Dropbox, press the “load” button on iconsider, and you’re done! 

Files are downloaded, resized into 114px,  rounded corners are automatically added,  displayed on iPhone.

Depending on your settings, you can even add a gloss effect to your icons! 
Two types of comparison previews

- Compare multiple icons side-by-side, or
- Compare icons from other apps side-by-side

Switch backgrounds with a single tap

You can switch background images with just a tap. As different backgrounds can change the way an icon looks, this helps you to check through all your icons thoroughly! 

Obtain client approval quickly

Attach a screenshot to an email with a tap and send it to your client for quick and easy approval. 

Previewing on 3G/3GS is a breeze too

Comes with 3G/3GS (non-retina) mode for you to check how the icons look like in non-retina mode on a retina display.

Operation image


Q: Can I use Windows too?
A: Of course! You only have to make sure your designs are uploaded into Dropbox.

Q: What is “Dropbox”?
A: A free online file storage service. It's free!

Q: How many icons can I compare at once?
A: You can download a maximum of 16 files at a go.

Q: Can I use the app on the iPad too?
A: That option is under consideraton. Please check back soon for it!

Any other questions? Feel free ask me.

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Developer's postscript

Since a well-made icon contributes tremendously to increased sales, icon design is something iOS developers often fret over.

The icons for all my released apps have, up till now, been tasked to designers. Because it's not easy to determine what subtle adjustments to the icon's size or colors would look like unless previewed on an iPhone itself, however, I'd applied all the finishing touches myself.

There are two methods to preview an app's icon on the iPhone: 1) build with Xcode or 2) upload the file to a web server and register it as a icon. Both methods can be quite laborious. On the one hand, you want to add polish to your icons. On the other hand, it's simply too troublesome!


When asking a few of my designer friends how they previewed icons on the actual device, the answer was unanimous. Since they didn't have an Xcode environment installed, all of them had to take the long route and put in that extra effort to get their designs checked.

There has to be a better and simpler way to preview the icons on the actual device! That thought was what led to the birth of iconsider.

It is my sincere hope that users can deck their iPhones with cooler icon designs by putting the time saved from the previewing process into the actual icon design itself!

Please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas on the review panel or Twitter!