This is our old site.  Please type in the address bar and save/bookmark our NEW website! 
This website will not be updated.  Thank you!!!
See you at iConnect Singles event soon!

Weekly e-mail messages will resume in the near future.  
In the meantime, please check Calendar of Events on a regular basis for upcoming events! 
Thank you for your patience!

We made a decision not to have a table at the Eucharistic Congress this year.  
iConnectors are attending and we plan to meet up throughout the day (cell phone coverage is limited)
 and dinner after closing Mass on Saturday.  
Check Calendar of Events for more details!  See  you there!


Why Join iConnect Singles?

iConnect Singles is a NEW Catholic group for active, single adults who find themselves somewhere in the middle.

Have you ever found yourself excited to attend an event hoping to meet new people, but ended up disappointed because perhaps you felt too young or too old for the group gathered? 

Are you interested in connecting with peers of shared life experiences whether you are single, never married or find yourself single again?

Getting Involved

Simply show up for any iConnect Singles event listed under Upcoming Events or on the Calendar of Events page and look for iConnect Singles signage. To receive information on future events, complete the registration form.

E-mail questions to: