15th International Conference on Multimedia Information Technology and Applications(MITA2019)
June 27 - July 1, 2019, University of Economics and Law(UEL)​, Vietnam National University-Ho chi minh City, Ho chi minh, Vietnam.

Original research papers on all aspects of theories and applications of multimedia information technology are solicited for submission to MITA2019, which is organized and sponsored by the Korea Multimedia Society(KMMS), the Republic of Korea and University of Economics and Law(UEL).

MITA2019 is organized by one of the most reputable research societies in Korea, Korea Multimedia Society, leading Korean universities and University of Economics and Law ​, Vietnam. It provides an international forum for the presentation and showcase of recent advances on various aspects of multimedia information and applications. It is the next  event in a series of highly successful international conferences previously held as MITA2018(Shanghai, 2018), MITA2017(Malaysia, 2017)MITA2016(Laos, 2016), 
MITA2015(Uzbekistan, 2015), MITA2014(HongKong, 2014), MITA2013(Indonesia, 2013) and MITA2012(China, 2012). 

Organized by
 Korea Multimedia Society(KMMS), Republic of Korea         
 Vietnam National University-Hochiminh City
University of Economics and Law(UEL)​, Vietnam