The Tasmanian Tree Climbing Championship proved to be a great success after hearing from everyone who attended. Both the day earlier workshop and the TCC had a good turnout and a big thank you goes to Joe Harris for helping organise the event.

Last years reigning champion Juri Megarrity was overtaken this year by the new Tasmanian Tree Climbing Champion Nathaniel Smith. Congratulations Nathaniel on a well deserved win. Congratulations also to Ross Kite for taking out 1st Place after the Preliminary Events. Obviously Ross was unable to compete in the Masters whilst he was competing outside of his home ground.

Make sure you check out the full TASTCC Results.

As we know this event wouldn't have been the same this year if it weren't for the great efforts and inspiration local Scottie Sharpe gave us, and this years Masters Challenge was dedicated our mate Scottie. Congratulations on a fine effort guys.

As all competitions go there has to be someone go home as the runner's ups and for 2011, congratulations on a fine effort Juri Megarrity, Warrick McConnell & James Armstrong.

Final placings (TBC) were:

1st Nathaniel Smith

2nd Juri Megarrity

3rd Warrick McConnell

4th James Armstrong

A big shout out goes to the sponsors for helping put together the event and this year a big thank you goes to Joe Harris (Into Trees), Pat Kenyon, VTIOArboriculture Australia and Treegear.

Other competitors visiting from outside the Tasmanian Region who performed exceptionally include Kiah Martin, Jessica Knott, Matt Glen, Ross Kite, Jeremie Thomas, Joe Harris and more. The Australian Regional Climbing Championships are attracting a circuit of talented climbers travelling to the competitions now. Great stuff for Asia Pacific Tree Climbing. 

The next event on the Australian Calendar is the 2011 Western Australian Tree Climbing Championships. This is heating up to be a fantastic event. Follow the link above for details on the event.

Thank you to Treegear for taking the time to put together this media coverage for us.



Arboriculture Australia

25th & 26th March, 2011

Friday         10:00am- Workshop
Saturday      7:00am- TASTCC

Australia, Tasmania

Event Location:        
City Park, Launceston

Entry Cost:
AUD $80.00

Event on Facebook:
Entry Cost:              ?

To register follow through to the TASTCC 2011 Event Registration Page

Fill out Form and Mail to Joe Harris





In memory of Scott Sharpe 19 September 1974- 05 August 2010.

The 2009 Championships were a massive success, and this was after Scottie went into his hometown, "Tassie" to put the show together. Under Scott's training and superior example the State went onto the Nationals and achieved great results. In memory of Scott Sharpe the 2010 Championships have been organised and we look forward to joining Scott in spirit at this event!

This years Tasmanian Tree Climbing Competition is dedicated to Scottie! You showed us how to be a great tree climber. You showed us how to be a great leader. You showed us how to be a great family man. You showed us possibilities in every way and we thank you so much for that. We all look forward to being with you at this event this year, Peace Mate!


On Fri 25th March

Climbers are invited to attend a tree climbing workshop at City Park in Launceston. The workshop will cover the basics of competition rules and climbing, with some top tips for experienced competitors.

On Sat 26th March

The 2011 Tasmanian Tree Climbing Championships will be held at City Park, Launceston. Climbers will compete in a range of disciplines testing different aspects of their tree climbing skill and ability, with the top competitors going through to the masters challenge and on to represent Tasmania at the Australian Tree Climbing Championships in Darwin, Australia, May 28th 2011.


If you are looking for some accomodation close to the 2011 Tasmanian Tree Climbing Competition being held in Launceston, feel free to take a look at Sandors On The Park. It looks nice and is super close to the Park Venue, and more importantly it is also reasonably priced. Hopefully this can be of help to you.


For those of you who would like some help finding their way around whilst visiting Tasmania you can have a look through this Guide to Tasmania. This site is just the most commonly used generic help for discovering. Whilst visiting Tasmania I can tell you that you should book a few extra nights either side of the Tree Climbing Event, and get out and explore the beauty of Tasmania. Tasmania is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world and is home to some of the tallest trees in the world.

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City Park

In support of Scottie, the company in which Scottie would carry out specialist tree climbing product design for; have now released a new climbing rope named in honor of Scott– The Yale SSharpe. The vibrant colours of the rope reflect Scotts' personality and passion. 20% of all sales will be retained and paid into a memorial trust for the continuing benefit of his wife and children.