a potentially insane content management system

Content Management Systems -- blogs, web news, wikis, and forums -- are all the rage. Everyone wants one. However, most of them are written in PHP, which has some issues. Others are written in ASP. Let's not even go there.

A few are written in Perl, but they often rely on multiple modules that must be installed correctly. Sometimes, you have Perl on your web server, but don't have all the access you need for a specific module. Also, most such Content Management Systems are difficult to maintain or customize for a neophyte, especially if you want separate areas on the same site that offer different functionality.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could:

  • change a page by changing the HTML and tweaking only a few variables?
  • add a new section by creating a new page and customizing it?
  • customize the HTML and add simple scripting all in the same page, like you would with PHP, but without some of the bad side effects of PHP?

IckaBang might or might not do any of those things. It's not finished yet. But these were more or less the reasons I started writing it. Or maybe it was because I know some Perl but no PHP and got fed up with the monster Perl-based wiki I was using before.

The code will be available here as I complete it.


  • format and insert text from a file
  • site design controlled by CSS
  • forums, blogging, and wiki
  • enable comments on individual pages


  • Perl v 5.0.6+
  • PerlHP
  • Markdown (optional)

sites that use IckaBang