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indsendt 27. jun. 2011 13.35 af Karen Blincoe

ICIS is now participating in the project “In 100 years – starting now” facilitated by House of Futures. '' is a set of seminars "running the course of a year involving cross disciplinary experts and thinkers, who will rework and co-create visions of sustainability and growth". Future study methods will be used to develop scenarios - how the world might look - for the end of the century. Inspired scenarios of possible, plausible and preferred futures will enable participants to ask the question: if that is where we want to be in 100 years, what do we have to do now to get there? As a core group member, ICIS will follow the seminars and through an "independent back-casting process" give recommendations regarding the set up of a centre for environment and sustainability in Denmark.

The first seminar 'Mind the long run, baby!' took place at the beginning of June. For more details visit