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Founder and Director
Karen Blincoe

Established ICIS in 2001.
Designer, educationalist and environmentalist, Karen Blincoe has held various executive and honorary positions nationally and internationally in the fields of design and education. She has been elected treasurer in Icograda (The International Council of Graphic Design Associations) and has been appointed visiting professor at the Faculty of Design & Architecture at University of Brighton, UK. Karen was appointed head of department for Visual Communication at Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen in 1991; has been a member of the Arts Council; is a Fellow of the CSD; and is a member of the Association of Danish Designers. Karen established design consultancy, KB Design in 1984, and O2 UK, (environmental design) consultancy in 1989. Karen Blincoe was the Director of the Schumacher College, Dartington, UK from Sept. 2006 to Dec 2008. She is now back with ICIS and President of the Association of Danish Designers.

Mervyn Kurlansky

Born in South Africa, Mervyn trained in London, then practiced with Knoll International and Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes before co-founding Pentagram in 1972. Mervyn has been elected President of Icograda 2003-2005. He is a designer, consultant, author, lecturer, and juror. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, the International Society of Typographic Designers, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce and a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale and Danish Designers Association. Mervyn's work has been widely published, has won a number of international awards.

The Board
Board members

Since 2001 the following have been members of the ICIS Board:

Mervyn Kurlansky, Designer, Mervyn Kurlansky Design, DK (Chairman)
Svend Krogh, Cand. Jur. (current)              
Dorte Zangenberg, Art-Director/Partner, Welovepeople, DK
Steinar Amland, Director, Danish Designers, DK
Vibeke Grupe-Larsen, Environmental Architect, DK (current)
Lennart Grut, Director/Partner, Rogers, Stirk & Partners, London (current)
Chris Ryan, Professor, RMIT, Australia
Tim O'Riordan, Professor, UEA, UK
Philippa Marie Shepherd, Environmental Scientist, UK (current)
Terri Irwin, Head of Faculty, Cranfield UV, US
Karen Blincoe, Director, ICIS (current)


We mostly employ part-time or project-based staff. The following have been/are working for ICIS:

Helle Kongsted (administrator), DK
Henriette Henriksen (administrator), DK
Bjarne Petersen (bookkeeper), DK
Henning Wettendorff (web-developer), DK
Trudy Follwell (researcher), UK
Erica Torres Luquin, Mexico
Karin Svenssen (project developer), DK
Alastair-Fuad Luke (research manager), UK
Philippa Marie Shepherd (ICIS developer), UK

Financial Information

ICIS is part charity and part non-profit organisation.
The organisation offers educational and advisory services and is permitted to charge fees from participants
in order to help contribute to the running costs of the secretariat. ICIS relies on external funding for approx. 60%
of its total costs. This is achieved through funding from private and public foundations i.e. EU funding, Environment
Ministry and private foundations (see collaborators/sponsors).