One of our research projects aims to understand how BIM is changing the communication patterns in construction projects. In the past year, we managed to receive more than 50,000 email logs from cooperating construction/design companies! The gif animation below shows the social networks in 20 projects. Our preliminary result is very exciting. Stay tuned!  (special credits to Nishith Singh, graduate student of COSC at TAMU).

Lab Video - Multiuser VR, Google Doc controlled VR ‎‎‎(March 2016)‎‎‎

VR Building Tour and Interaction (Dec 2016)

Lab video ‎- Multiuser VR based Drone training ‎‎‎(December 2016)‎‎‎‎

Board Walking - single person Virtual Reality experiment ‎‎(Jan 2017)‎‎

Board Walking - Multi-person Virtual Reality experiment

Francis Hall photogrammetry (Feb 2017)

About ICIC

The Integrated Computing In Construction (ICIC) Lab at Texas A&M University aims at understanding the role of human factors in the design, construction and management of built environments. Particularly, we strive to investigate how the decision making processes and behaviors affect quality, sustainability and safety in complex projects. To this end, we use computer simulation (Agent-Based Modeling, Discrete Event Simulation and System Dynamics), statistical and mathematical modeling (scenario analysis, topological data analysis), and visualization techniques (BIM game engine, virtual reality and augmented reality).