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The Ichabod Squares Dance Club is a plus level square dance club in Orange County, California.  

We dance the third Friday of every month at:

Women’s Civic Club of Garden Grove
9501 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove 

See our recent Sweethearts' pix below.

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The Ichabods' current visitation schedule is posted in Visitation.
 The Dance Calendars for 2017 & 2018 are posted in Our Club Dances.

January 23, 2017 -- Our new class started.  Angels welcome.  We can no longer accept new students.  See flyer in Beginners Class & Workshops.

October 20, 2017 -- Our monthly club dance with Rod Shuping calling.  See flyer in Our Club Dances.
Customary donation is $8.00 per person.
Rounds start at 7:30 PM.

Square dancing starts at 8:00 PM with rounds between tips.

We have singles rotation.

There is usually an A-1 tip and always good food at the break.  

For guest callers & dance levels see Our Club Dances .

 Cuer: Eileen Silvia unless otherwise indicated in Our Club Dances.

50th Anniversary Placemat

This placemat was used at the tables at our 50th anniversary dance on 3/18/2016.  It shows all the club dresses margie sexsmith has in her possession from those 50 years.                     

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     Ichabods' sweethearts                         2017
Fritz & Cindy VonCoelln 
 Ichabods Sweethearts 
Brian & dee Harmon
 Ichabods Sweethearts 
Ron & Faith Suprernant
Photo by judy TardiePhoto by judy Tardie Photo by tom morrow