Museum of Modern Skate Sailing

Museum of Modern Skate Sailing

Also contains some old outboard engines and an engine mount for a low fuel consumption catamaran.

Dick Tillberg, the founder of the Museum of Modern Skate Sailing, 
in front of the museum which is located in a barn.

The museum contains four stand inside wing skate sails and two traditional skate sail, one of which is quite old and has a bamboo rig, and a antique parallel trapeze sail, named after its shape. It is as far as I know the first skate sailing museum in Sweden.

Exhibits of the Museum of Modern Skate Sailing

This is the typical construction of the first wing sails. Sailor Dick Tillberg.

This was originally a some 2.5 meter tall wing. It was then modified to a cabriolet for high wind sailing. 
 The museum have a non modified wing like the one pictured just above.

"Terminator" was a serious try, by Alexander Sahlin, to make a high performance wing: Large stiff area at the front and large sail area. It never won a Swedish Championship. 

On the right is "El Gigante" a combination of a cabriolet sail and another wing. Good light wind performance. 

On the left is a speed wing, designed by Anders Ansar, for the 160 km/h range, not yet part of the museums collection.

Other exhibits

Mr. Tillberg have made several attempts to make low energy water vehicles. In the museum is special engine mount  for a Tornado catamaran. It mounts a small diesel at the forward crossbeam. Fuel consumption is .06 liter per nautical mile according to Mr. Tillberg.

The museum also have some old outboard engines: Penta U 21, Archimedes B 22.


The museum is located in the county Vaermland 400 km, 260 miles, west of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

The museum can be visited on request. Contact Dick Tillberg. Email, change the AT to @: . Telephone number + 46 8 7175426.   

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