World's fastest skate sail, 75 mph, 120 km/h, and possibly 130 mph, 210 km/h?

Simple, light, compact and inexpensive!

Here I sail one of my wings on ice. It hangs on the shoulders and I wear ice skates.  
  Wind is very light, you can hardly feel it in your face, still speed is some 40 km/h, 25 MPH, or some 6 times faster than the wind.

Frontal view. An Ice Wing cockpit is cramped. Generally a thinner wing is faster.

Sail on ice, snow and land. Water?

For sale: Building and sailing instructions. A Wing Sailing article.

New! Break the 126 mph, 203 km/h speed record in a wing

Sailing video. Very light wind 4 knots, 2 m/s, note flag movements. 
Still speed is 25 mph, 12m/s, 40 km/t - 6 times faster than the wind! Filmed by skating, panting, person. Note plenty of text with the video. (Video is short. Having breakfast, drive to lake, rigging etc. has been left out.  :)  )

A wing sailor sailing at top speed in a strong wind. He leans to windward to balance the force of the wind. Speed is some 120 km/h, 75 mph.

Ice-Wing Cabriolet, has good performance for its size because the sailor makes no air resistance.
 Rolls into a tubular pack for storage or transport on the ice when there is no wind.
Ice Wing beats large ice boats in the USA. Wins One-of-a-Kind Race.  Click for more 
This is an incredible performance for its size and simplicity. 
 With no restrictions to the design, it is probably the most challenging ice sailing class to design, build and sail. It has not yet really been tried on land, with roller skates, on skate board or on a bicycle. Will you be first to beat the land yachts?


"You travel in a state between flying and falling. Sailing on one skate, leaning into a wind which every little change is transmitted directly to your body. The only sound is the faint whistle of the wind outside your wing." That is skate sailing according to one of the addicts.

More about Wing skate sailing



Extremely tall sailing skates, 1 feet, 30 cm.
 The height can be changed by replacing the read tubes with others of different length. Light wind and good ice: With high skates you can carry a tall sail with large area = a fast sail. Strong wind: Low skates and a lower small sail.

After the wing skate sail? Twice as fast?

Publikationen Isseglingsnytt!  

    Vingskridskosegel för hastighetssegling klart: 160 km/t? (Mars 2001)

            • Speedseglets bakgrund. (Feb -99)
            • Vinge modifieras med rev i akterkant. Skall få fyra olika segelytor från 4 till 8,5 kvadratmeter. (Mars 2001)
            • Sökes: Medhjälpare för rekordslagning med skridskosegel. (Feb. -99)
            • Låna ett vingskridskosegel!

Stand inside wings on water
Stand inside wing sails can most probably also sail fast on water, e.g. on a surf board, - but there are some safety issues for the sailor to solve. If he crashes, and especially if he gets unconscious, there is a drowning risk. Some creative thinking needed here! A breathing apparatus securely fastened to the sailors mouth and nose? Plus a rescue crew. Sail areas of record wind surfers are around 55 sq ft, 5 sq m, same as a standard wing skate sail.

A large Only-Wing sailing craft
One can envision a large wing, say 30 ft, 10 m, tall. Base 25 ft, 8 m. Ballasted at some half height. Wheels or runners, at front and back. Some wheeled side supports for parking and take off. Can take some time to learn to control. 
Compared to something like the record land yacht Greenbird you will save maybe 50 % on hull, plank, cockpit, wheel fairings, very strong stiff construction in hull and lower wing to support wing's side force. 

Pack lighter. Beat the heat with science.

Sailing in a wing is a minimalist approach to high performance sailing. I have some information on minimalist travel packing, e.g. toilet and medicine case 1 oz, 30 g, and how to handle hot weather.

"Man shrinks luggage to shirt pocket size, 1 oz, 30 g. "The almost complete work of Packing Light/Ultra Compact, Beat the Heat, Safety Tips and more.   Short version     Long version

Second hand gear for sale:  The first successful wing sail, wing sails, skates, traction kites, hand sail.

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