ICE Software Package is a set of useful applications which aims to improve your experience of working with process simulation cases created in UniSim Design Suite (Honeywell Company product). It helps to get around "single process - single CPU core" nature of dynamic process simulations by managing multiple simulation cases, running them synchronously and providing OPC interface for real time data exchange. That is to say, you can split a large, slow and resource-demanding model into several smaller models and run all of them in parallel gaining in simulation speed but keeping modeling accuracy. 

As a bonus, you get OPC interface ready to link the simulation cases you run with any kind of OPC clients or servers: from PC based data collection and recording utilities to industrial multi-variable model predictive controllers (RPMCT, DMC, SMOC/PACE etc) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS's). That opens wide spectrum of problems where ICE Software Package can be applied. You could run simulation cases solely for higher performance, test logical controllers and physical devices in interaction with a process model, exchange data between process simulation environment and real plant DCS or even build an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) station.

ICE Software Package is a complex of three components:
    - OPC Client extension unit operation for UniSim Design Suite in a form of DLL assembly - one or more its instances can be added to                 multiple simulation cases. They send/receive data to/from external world;
    - OPC DA 2.0 Server executable based on Light OPC SDK - fast and centralized source of data with dynamically updated address space,          where the clients can write and read from;
    - OPC Interface - simulation cases manager which can run them synchronously in 6 different ways.
The workflow of all three components can be presented as below.

You are now welcome to download and test the Package.