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Ice skating is a poplar recreation activity and sport

in many countries around the world. It is thought that ice skating began roughly 3000 years ago. Sharp bones were strapped to foot wear allowing the user to slide or glide on the ice. The modern skate utilizes a steel blade which can be resharpened.

The ice skate moves freely because the ice molecules can not bond easily under the ice blade. This produces lubrication for the skates. Hard frozen ice is easier to skate on than when conditions warm up. The ice then begins to melt and the skate will dig deeper into the ice. Much more effort is needed to be able to move on the ice when it is warm.

Keeping an ice rink the proper temperature is critical

to keep good ice for skating. Refrigeration units and pipes embedded in the arena floor assist to keep the ice frozen in warmer climates.

Hockey is the most played game on an ice surfaces

The NHL (National Hockey League) and the WHL (World Hockey League) strive to obtain top ice skaters and players. A good hockey player can make a huge salary into

Some people prefer a stiffer skate where others will use a softer boot. Many different activities are now enjoyed on an ice surface. Frozen lakes and rivers are often used for recreation and hockey players.

If you are skating on an outdoor area, great care is needed to make sure the ice is thick enough to support the weight applied. Many people have drowned by falling through thin ice. It is very difficult for a person to get out of the water after falling through. The cold water produces shock and paralyzes the victim. Clothing becomes saturated with water and increases in weight. Skaters are usually wearing extra clothing which also hampers movement.

Flooding the ice in cold temperature is often done to build up ice thickness. This is commonly seen where vehicles cross a river or large body of water such a lake or ocean. There is many types of skates used in different categories. Some blades will use a round end where others will have sharp edges to use as a brake. These are often used by figure skaters who make fast stops and aid in their ability to turn quickly. Various height of the boot give more or less ankle support for the skater.

Ice racing is another popular event performed on an ice surface. Short track for speed ice skaters and longer tracks for endurance. Tour skating is done on outdoor ice surfaces and can be short or long in length.

Other sports played on ice

are the common game of tag, and Ringette. In Ringette players wear foot wear that have small suction cups on the soles. This gives grip compared to ice skates which allow the user to glide.

millions of dollars. Figure skaters can also make good money through endorsement of products.

Ice skates are also used on sail platforms. The wind is harnessed by means of a move-able sail much like sailing on water. Great speed can be realized on a large lake with high winds. The ice skater can skate on indoor rinks or anywhere there is little snow on outdoor ice.