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(2013-14 DATES: YOUTH (Nov 4 - March), TOTS *Ages 7-9 (Nov 4 - Feb), *NEW* Tiny TOTS *Ages 4-6 (Nov 4- Feb)
  • This is the official 'Folkstyle' tournament and dual competition season.
  • We currently offer 3 classes based first and foremost on the age of each wrestler. Tiny TOTS (4-6yrs old), TOTS (7-9yrs old), YOUTH (10-14yrs old)
  • ICE Performance does not teach different techniques for different levels of the sport, our kids will ONLY learn techniques that are successful at ALL levels (i.e. High school, College, Olympics).  We teach a systematic approach during this Winter Season, which has proven to be much more successful than teaching individual moves from various positions. 
  • ICE Winter Wrestlers will also complete strength & cardio routines before or after each practice.  Our goal is to help create a stronger mind & body....along side a more technical wrestler.  IT'S ABOUT BUILDING A GREAT ATHLETE AT THIS AGE, NOT JUST A GREAT WRESTLER.  That's what we do very well! 
  • We provide mat side coaching for ICE wrestlers at several local and national events throughout the Winter & Spring months.  By being there to see our wrestlers compete, we are able to troubleshoot each individual and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as a whole unit.  Whether our ICE wrestlers win or lose, we treat them the same way (there's always something to learn and build off of). 
  • Each event we attend is a TEAM event for us, we don't do anything as individuals.  ALL wrestlers support & cheer each other on, it's the only way it should be that shows true character.  Building CHAMPIONS on and OFF the mat is our primary goal. 
YOUTH (Ages 10-14): Mon/Weds/Thurs (6:15pm - 7:45pm), Sunday (5pm - 6:30pm)
TOTS Program (Ages 7-9): Mon/Weds/Thurs (5pm - 6pm)
Tiny TOTS (Ages 4-6): Mon/Weds (4pm - 5pm)
Sunday, December 8-  BONDURANT-FARRAR
Sunday, December 22- SEP Tour of Iowa Tournament
Sunday, January 5-  WINTERSET
Sunday, January 26- URBANDALE
Saturday, February 1- PCM
February ?-  DISTRICTS (Depending on county you live in, Oskaloosa or Indianola)
*ICE Wrestlers have the freedom to attend ANY tournament they choose to, the above list is merely the schedule that we will provide coaching during event.
**For Youth Tournament listings, go to: (click on 'YOUTH' tab at the top)!
  • This program begins in the early SPRING, shortly after our Winter season. The post-season training consists of training in all 3 styles of wrestling (Folkstyle, Freestyle, Greco-Roman), as there are always tournaments available for each....during this time of year.
  • We offer 2 different classes for this season. Beginner (0-2yrs) / Advanced (3+yrs), each class will meet 2x per week for 6-8wks.
  • During the post-season, we will have athletes in our room who are training for competitions and some who are merely looking to get in more mat time. Therefore, we won't do a ton of conditioning during this time- although we will do plenty of drilling with new techniquesa and standard fundamental movements.
  • Post-season is a GREAT time to get an edge on the competition and increase the gap between you and those chasing you.
  • At ICE, we will use this time of year to begin some off-the-wall training regiments that have proven year in and year separate our kids from the pack IN THE LONG RUN.
(DATES:       )
  • This program is conducted in the months leading up to the Winter Tournament Season (FALL).
  • We currently offer 2 classes based on wrestling experience. Beginner (0-2yrs) / Advanced (3+yrs)
  • This is the time of year that we end our focus on international wrestling styles and begin working on Folkstyle wrestling techniques again, as well as building that cardiovascular base needed to compete at the highest level during the Winter season. Essential drills will be implemented at this time designed to create a foundation for all the techniques our athletes will learn & re-learn during the Winter.
  • Each group will have 2 practices per week, lasting for 6 weeks. This is more bang for your buck than a camp or clinic, as we will only learn a 6-8 different techniques, but our athletes will execute 50+ repetitions of those 6-8 techniques. That's the key to remembering the the Winter season approaches.
  • Our Preseason program is perfect for the wrestlers looking to compete at early scheduled events such as the Tulsa Kick-off, Preseason Nationals, and many others.
*Please check out our upcoming events page for a list of future programs you may be interested in!