ICE Performance Training Center is owned and operated by Todd Downing and Mike Morgan.  Our facility is named in tribute to a GREAT MAN and an even better friend 'BJ Iseminger' formerly of Altoona.  BJ tragically passed away in September, 2007.  Growing up, BJ Iseminger participated in the Lil Rams Wrestling Program at Southeast Polk and was 4-time high school state wrestling qualifier for SE Polk as well, earning a place on the podium his senior year.  After high school, BJ entered the Army (where he was tagged with the nickname- ICEman by those who were unable to correctly pronounce his last name), and later became a Des Moines Firefighter & Paramedic. The nickname ICEman continued on, and eventually ended up on the name tags of all his fire dept gear where it remains to this day.  I've often told our young men that we coach, "The best gift you can ever give a friend or loved one- is to NEVER forget them when they're gone" and we are leading by example.  Our goal is to remember him each and every day through this tribute, and teach good-solid-hard nosed wrestling fundamentals, PLUS a great work ethic just as he believed in.  It was rare to ever see or hear a former opponent of BJ Iseminger's, look forward to wrestling him again....because he competed with such intensity and drive that made others want to quit (whether they won or lost...it didn't matter).  One of those former opponents that I speak of was a 3x Iowa HS State Wrestling Champion who wrestled BJ over 6 times in their scholastic career, and he specifically stated "He was one of the toughest and most driven guys I ever competed against....hands down!".  THAT'S THE STYLE OF WRESTLING WE WILL TEACH EVERY SINGLE DAY, AND WHEN THE TIME COMES THAT WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO, WE WILL CLOSE DOWN OUR DOORS FOR GOOD!  IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO COMPETE-IN ANY SPORT (intensity and drive)!
ICE Performance Training Center vows to ONLY teach technique and strategies in our programs, that have proven to be successful at all levels of sports performance (i.e. high school, collegiate, Olympics, professional, etc...).  Our staff has over 45 years of wrestling experience, and we GUARANTEE improvements.  There are a lot of programs that will teach tremendous-successful techniques and strategies that work, and we commend them.  However, for us it's about that AND more, having a strong cirriculum proven to work and building a DISCIPLINED ATHLETE is TRULY what it's all about.  Creating a champion OFF the mat and on....is the pinnacle of a great program.  We put out CHAMPIONS every year, either way.  That's the biggest-most valuable part of our facility and truly the purpose for sports in general.  Sure, we LOVE to win....but not at the cost of our dignity, self respect, and/or respect from others.  Please check out our Facebook page as well! 
Along side our very successful wrestling programs, we also have a tremendous 'year round' series of WARRIOR Strength & Fitness Programs that have proven to yield GREAT results over and over again.  We truly have something for everybody (ages 4 - 60), no matter what sport they are participating in or what their goal is.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help you succeed!