Principal engineer in Software R&D Center, Samsung Electronics (2001.9~present)
B. S., M. S., Ph. D. in EE from RTCL, KAIST  (1994/1996/2001)
Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab (2004/1~2004/12)
Samsung Electronics professor with Software Speciality (2005.12) 


Talk:"Developing Real-Time Service using AWS" at AWS Summit (2017/4/28) 
"Cloud Computing and Samsung Smart TV" at Korea Univ (2011/3/11)
"Rethinking Samsung Internet@TV" at HSN 2011 (2011/1/21)
"Rethinking Samsung Internet@TV" at Global Mobile Vision 2009 (2009/11/1)
"The humanization of technology" at Sharing Experience 2009 (2009/8/10)
"CE2.0 Initiative: Media Open Market" at Spring Consortium meeting of the MIT Media Lab. (2007/5/8)
"CCL Case Study" at 1st 2008 CC Korea Conference. (2006/3/14)
2006-Present He has been the leader of several R&D project about Internet TV in Samsung Electronics. He founded CE2.0 Initiative working together with Motorola and MIT Media Lab (2006/10)
2005 He was the leader of SODI (Sociable Display) project, aka Flickr frame, which is the first web 2.0 device in Samsung. His idea of blog device came from the work when he was at plw in March 2004. Also he was interested in the media eco-system including the Consumer Electronics devices, so that he was a founder of PictSync promoters group. (2005/5)
2004 He was a visiting scientist as the first Samsung delegate at the MIT Media Laboratory and a member of the Physical Language Workshop in 2004 (Advisor: John Maeda). He worked on the problem how to publish and retrieve the digital contents to the web server such as rf-id bookmark and user interface with real-time visual thumbnails. He presented the tangible information block at the course MAS 710.
2001-2003 He has been the leader of several R&D project about DSP programming, analog TV firmware.
1990-2001 He entered KIT which was undergraduate course of KAIST. The name of KIT was changed to KAIST officially in 2004. KIT name cannot be found on web anymore. He graduated EE in 1994 and obtained EE Ph. D. from KAIST in 2001 (Advisor: Byung Kook Kim).