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SUMMER LONDON LEAGUE IS STARTING!!!!! NEXT MATCHES: Sunday 12th May @ Whitgift School, Croydon, London 
Summer London League Dates to put into those diaries :)

Div 2 Basingstoke/Southampton, Chelmsford, Ealing, Iceni, Oxford City,
3 Tournaments, each team plays each other twice

... LAD1/1 12th May Whitgift School Div 2 4.00 – 7.00

LAD1/2 16th June Whitgift School Div 2 7.00 – 10.00

LAD1/3 21st July Whitgift School Div 2 4.00 –7.00
British Water Polo League matches have now been rearranged for Sat 2nd Feb and Sun 3rd Feb 2013
Winter London League has now been rearranged for Sun 7th April 2013
SUNDAY 3rd JAN 2013 - Winter London League starts @ Whitgift School, Croydon London. Due to the popularity of this competition throughout the ICENI team it has been difficult to select a team of 13 to take to London but as with any ICENI fixture a teams will be decided fairly with attendance, commitment, avalaibility and performance taken into consideration.
We have got our selected 13 ICENI girls for 3rd Jan, however we are still currently selecting teams for the next two winter league dates (Sun 7th April and Sun 17th March)
Last weekend of BWPL - Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Feb 2013 - British Water Polo League matches @ WALSALL GALA BATHS, Walsall (3 matches in total)
If you are avaliable to play in any of these matches then please email Carly on: 
Snow has started to fall which can only mean one thing......WINTER LONDON LEAGUE HAS STARTED! 
On Sunday 3rd Jan 13 ICENI players braced the cold and travelled to Whitgift School, on arrival we were greeted by the very impressive flamingoes accompanying the school. Once the team had arrived at the pool it wasn't long before ICENI's loyal supporters and new found fans started to gather in an impressive cheering crowd any sports team would have been happy with. With a great big cheer for ICENI, the players dove into the pool in unison for their first match. ICENI got off to an icy start but managed to stick with it with a respectful score in Match 1.....It was a promising start for youthful ICENI in the 2nd match when we seemed to dominate the pool with defensive skills and tatics for a game our supporters would be proud of...... match 3 was tough with one supporter commenting that they saw more water rugby than polo and lack of training together was evident with Otter's strength taking a firm hold of the game......But that's never stopped ICENI with our motto being 'NEVER GIVE UP'and 'JUST HAVE FUN' we fought the chlorine (although at times it felt like the Chlorine was winning 10 -0 to our opponents and us) and ICENI leapt into the pool with one giant splash as we all woke ourselves up to play the final 4th Match......In true ICENI style we always seem to play at our best when we have worn ourselves out and had a match or two......this match was no exception......ICENI vs. Penguins and we weren't giving away anything....if Penguins wanted a goal they were going to have to fight hard for it...........we an exciting and gripping match, with supporters on the edge of their seats ICENI and Penguins played a brilliant game were both teams showed true water polo skills........unfortunately with a 1-1 score during the game, Penguin managed to slip a goal past us with a score of 2-1 it was a game to be very proud of.
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With ICENI still in search of our first win with our newly formed team, British Water Polo League matches this weekend at Walsall Gala Baths are set to be very exciting indeed.
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