Susie's Tea Cozy Pattern

I made this tea cozy for a pot that holds about 4 mugs of tea



-Red Knifty Knitter (bigger looms depending on size)


-Plastic needle

-Flower Loom (Optional)

I used 2 strands of yarn so that the tea cozy would be thick. Cast on all pegs (it helps if there is an even number but it doesn’t make much difference.) knit 7 rows then bring the first row up through the middle of the loom and hook it back onto the pegs to make a cuff and knit off.  Knit 4 more lines.  I then knitted pegs 1-16 back and fourth 13 times. Cut the yarn end but leave enough length to tie a knot and weave in ends. Tie a slipknot around peg 17 and knit to peg 31 back and fourth another 13 times.  You have now made 2 holes; one for the handle and one for the spout. I continued to knit another 8 rows and used the gathering method to remove the cozy from the loom. It will look like a hat with 2 holes on the sides. I then made a flower using my flower loom (1000 blooms loom) and sewed it to the top of the cozy but you could decorate it anyway you like.


I hope you enjoyed this pattern.   Any questions feel free to e-mail me