Ice Cream Packaging

The cost of the ice cream packaging as a percentage of total selling price varies to quantity, quality, and early orders. Packaging needed to be authentic, graphic quality and eco-friendly. Traditional ice cream containers are ideal to fit all types of ice cream. Superior quality packaging includes every aspect of industrial design. The ice cream package designs are planned to identify the product and make the product more attractive to the consumer. Packaging products in use: paper cups, plastic cups, packaging boxes, packaging pouches, Ice cream cups and lids, cone sleeves, ice cream storage containers, laminated film rolls, shrink sleeves, Ice cream molds, paper containers, Ice cream candy cover, flexible laminated pouches, disposable plastic containers, ice cream transport bags, etc. For best results use only quality raw materials, high-technology machinery, which is procured from reliable and authentic vendors. Ice cream pack might be the most important element of a product and has the primary goal to attract customers attention.

A range of materials can be used for ice cream packaging, manufacturers now offer as many different packaging options. Ice cream is sold by volume. There are many different types of containers are available in various sizes.

Paper Ice Cream Cups
As part of our ice cream packaging, paper ice cream cups represent a significant share of the premium ice cream market. The environment where ice cream is handled and sealed must also be free of potentially contaminating bacteria. Also the respective lids are being produced simple or stackable, according to customer needs.

Catering Packs
Plastic containers are ideal for the packaging of large volumes of ice cream. Containers available in natural colour are suitable for freezing. Made from strong polypropylene with plastic or wire handles. Packaging containers can be printed with your designs to provide a better quality presentation.

Takeaway Bags
Available in all sizes, these bags helps your product reach its final destination still frozen. The cold bags are specially designed to be highly insulated, all of these bags have special compartments for liquid gel which helps to retain the temperatures required for the safety of  the items transported within. These bags can be printed with your own design.

  • Why packaging?
  • To protect a ice cream from damage or contamination.
  • To make it easier to transport and storage.
  • To make the ice cream more attractive to the consumer.
  • To provide information: product title, ingredients, nutritional information, contact information, bar code etc.

We believe it is important to offer innovative design solutions. Packaging design depending on the target to which it is addressed. For you who have the ice cream business, it is very important for you to use the beautiful design of the product packaging. Quality graphics and designs employed in packaging are more important than any other element. 

French philosopher VOLTAIRE said: Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal. JOSEPH EPSTEIN: Not to like ice cream is to show oneself uninterested in food. BART SIMPSON: I will not scream for ICE CREAM!