iceBytes - Volunteer System

What is an icebyte?

An icebyte is a non-monetary currency. It’s like money, but it can be earned and spent inside icecairo, without ever having to exchange real money!

By earning icebytes, icecairo members can use the hub to it’s fullest - contributing their skills, energy and time - instead of money!

You can earn iceBytes by doing a whole bunch of things: you can write a blog about an event you attend at icecairo, or maybe even help out at the event.  You can even run your own event and earn loads of icebytes!

This means that there is no financial entry barrier to icecairo. It also means that as the icecairo community exchanges skills and abilities (that’s how you earn iceBytes!), a wider set of skills is available to the community, founded on the diversity of icecairo community members working together as a collective!


The following list are way that you can volunteer with icecairo.

Video:  Earn 150 iceBytes

Expected Standards:
- at least one minute
- ice intro & outro
- event date/title
- if interview format, then name position , company
- maintain professionality
MC Egypt at icecairo:
DIY Plumbing workshop:

Blog: 30 iceBytes

Expected Standards:

- Minimum 400 words
- Covers background story of event,
- Description of partner
- Include Photos at least 3 event
- preferable to attach video
- must use spellcheck
- include tags, category

Graphic: 30 iceBytes

- Conform to template provided icecairo
- simple, but cool
- try to keep ice identity
- for fb banner:
- for infographics

Space Officer: 5 icebytes per hour

- Greet coworkers and the curious
- Answer phone
- Give tours
- Sign people in
- What is missing in the space


You have the option of using your bytes for the following:


It depends on the events as can be seen in the range below:
Gamification 101: 80 icebytes
Build Your Startup: 150 icebytes

Fab Lab:
One day use of Fablab (not machines or tools): 30 icebytes


One month membership: 30 icebytes