Driving Principles

We're trying to avoid buzzwords our description of space, however some of the ideas that drive the icecairo project are worth knowing about. The below is a rosetta stone for some of the overlapping principles which guide our actions.

Be Open

(Open Source, Open Design, Open Data, Open Networks...)

You are free to copy what we do, to generate income and business from it (in fact we encourage and support this), you are free to change and build upon our projects without our permission. We encourage you to also practice this behavior (as you will derive benefits - such as rapid ideas exchange and more innovations for you to commercially exploit). 

Share Everything

(Co-Consumption, Sharism, P2P, Creative Commons, Global Commons, Kopimism)

Access is more important than ownership, we give you the chance to share our tools, space, infrastucture, ideas, materials, networks, time and opportunities. There will be a minimal charge to cover the costs of space and time. However we will also give you the chance to share responsibilities and opportunities generate your own income or different contributions to ensure that you can profit from the space.


(Coworking, Participatory Processes, Art of Hosting, Do it together, Wealth of Networks)

We learn from each other and build community through collaboration. As a network we are stronger, we can amplify our collective voices we can achieve more together than we can alone.

Be Autonomous

("Do it", No Hierarchy, Flat Systems)

"It's better to seek forgiveness than permission" If what you propose to do will benefit others - do it. Act with confidence, and allow others to join you. Take responsibility for doing your bit. Communicate. There is no boss here. Whoever thinks it should be done in a certain way - should do it. For a great guide on Autonomy please read the Valve Handbook.

Action Oriented

(Making, Getting things done, Analysis = Paralysis, Physical Thinking, Start anywhere follow it everywhere)

You can always (especially in a large group) find reasons why something wont work, often conversation around the "problem" takes longer than it does to solve the problem. When you clean your floor do you plan every sweep or do you pick up the broom and begin? Start with something small, address it, then the next thing - climb the mountain one step at a time, and overcome obstacles as you reach them. Think whilst you make, words and reality have a different shape.


(in Beta, Agile Processes, Pivot)

The end goals are more important than the plan to achieve them. Things change and therefore we must adapt. If we give you a plan - it will change. We prefer direction and drive, we aim to evolve icecairo, and change ourselves and our environment in the process. Let's make everything better.

Environmental Consciousness

(Permaculture, Biomimicry, Ecosystems thinking, Natural Metaphors, Symbiosis, Transition)

The dominant philosophy of the last century has been industrial, we have perceived ourselves and others as part of a machine, a cog in the works. But we are human, we must shift our thinking and language to that of our environment. Rather than a factory, we think in terms of the garden. We apply principles of nature to our interaction with society, design and business. Even when building machines, we should think of them as plants in an ecosystem.


(Entrepreneurial, Start Ups, Edgeryders, Explorers of the new frontier, Pioneers, Free Thinkers, Disruptors Inventors, Dare to Fail)

Innovation requires risk. You have to be willing to fail if you are to succeed. We are dreaming big, we will not achieve everything that we set out to, however the further we explore the more we will discover and advance. icecairo is a space for exploration, fear not failure for you will learn lessons and may even create opportunities from mistakes.

For Benefit

(Value Creation, Wealth, Barter, Exchange, Skill Swap)

For benefit is more than just for monetary profit, monetary profit has its place in our thinking and can be a useful tool to get things done. But it is not the only driver, for benefit thinking allows us all to profit in ways often beyond what money alone can buy.

Create Abundance

(Pay it Forward, Karma, Waste = Resource)

When you have too much of something it becomes toxic, waste is merely ill allocated resource. If we can share what we have too much of with those who need it (better still those who have too much of something else), we create an opportunity for reciprocal benefit without expectation.

Nothing is ever finished ,,,

(Add your values)