Never assume anything...

(i will not give any explination for that...)


I am bluefrost! (eye twitches slightly) YOU, may call me 'ice blue', 'JKR', 'that random person' or 'BLUEFROST' (hmmm... yet another, slight eye twitch... maybe it has something to do with saying 'BLUEFROST!' ...Ooh another eye twitch) :)


Many people inform me that i am weird, i politely inform them that i am actually quite normal for my age, but by this time they are no longer listening... of course i might just be saying that... but by now you're probably not listening anymore...


and now... due to lack of interest i will skip to the end of my long and powerful speech... which wasn't actually that long... or for that fact in any way powerful, in the first place... to be quite honest...


*cough* yes anyway, feel free to explore :)

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