ICY Junior High

ICY offer friends, fun and faith. ICY Junior High  meets on the first and third Saturdays of every month. We know family life is busy, so you do not have to attend every gathering. You are always welcome to join us at any time!


Saturday, Sept. 22nd— ICY Gathering 6-8pm 

Saturday, Oct. 13th—ICY Gathering 6-8pm @ Knox Farm
Fri., Oct. 19th to Sat., Oct. 20th—Boxtopia Sleep Out 7pm-7am 

Saturday, Nov. 3rd —Basketball/High School Musical Night 6-8pm
Friday, Nov. 9th—Youth Night @ Our Lady of Czestochowa, Buffalo More details to come! 

Saturday, Nov. 17th —  Superhero Night 6-8pm 

Saturday, Dec. 1st —Ice Skating 7-9pm @ The Rink & Taste 

Saturday, Jan. 19th— Glow in the Dark Night 6-8pm 

Saturday, Feb. 2nd—Camping & Pizza Night 6-8pm 

Saturday, Mar. 16th—Movie Night 6-11pm
Saturday, Mar. 30th—Bowling for Hope/Catholic Charities 10:30pm-12:30am @ 11th Frame, Cost TBA 

Friday, Apr 5th—Walk in the Woods 7-8pm @ Christ the King Seminary
Saturday, Apr. 13th—Narnia Experience 3-8:30pm 

Saturday, May 4th— Ninja Night 6-8pm
Saturday, May 11th—Lasertron Trip - DATE MAY CHANGE
Saturday, May 18th—ICY Gathering 6-8pm (This is a date change due to no ICS school play this year.)