The 1st International Workshop on Mining Social Data at Work (1st MSDW)

Workshop Overview

For the past 10 years, organizations have increasingly invested in social technologies to improve operations and their understanding of and relationship with the market. When adopted at scale and integrated into work processes, social technologies can thus boost a company’s market share as well as performance. Such technologies can in fact help organizations become more agile as they are able to better manage their complexities. An effective use of social technologies lies in the ability to uncover and transform massive amounts of social data into actionable and practical knowledge. Techniques for mining social data thus become critical to realize such value.

MSDW aims to present, exam, and discuss empirical findings, methodologies and techniques, and theoretical and conceptual insights on mining social data by organizations for attaining internal and external knowledge. It then aims to bring together a selected, interdisciplinary group to discuss and shed new light on this topic. We cover a wide range of issues from attempts to bring social or other networking systems in large, traditional organizations, to recent developments in the use of social media within and across organizations, to the emergence of social businesses and their values to both employees and clients. The workshop is co-located with ICDM 2013, the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.

We invite submissions from a wide variety of fields, such as, data/graph mining, social network analysis, visualization and interaction design, organization science, and social sciences that take an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the intersection of social networks, work practices, and technology. We will evaluate the submissions according to their relevance, significance, and scholarly contribution to the advancement of the field. We invite both completed research as well as work in progress that could enhance and enable the better exploitation of social networks for professional work environments.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest for this workshop include but are not limited to the following:

  • Graph mining discovery with focus on the collaboration dynamics of people

  • Graph mining for process or workflow mining and optimization

  • Analysis of social media and collaborative tools integrated into business management platforms

  • Recommendations and predictive analytics in enterprise

  • Data integration, event correlation and event processing

  • Emerging applications on enterprise graph mining network

  • Community or network detection, management and system integration issues

  • Monitoring data from business management and social media platforms

  • Visual interfaces for mined process data and visual interactions with mined process data

Workshop Proceedings

Accepted papers will be included in the IEEE ICDM 2013 Workshops Proceedings volume published by IEEE Computer Society Press (also included in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library). Selected papers will be considered for publication (in extended form) in a high quality journal which we are arranging.