Call for Papers

The integration of process-oriented and event-based approaches is long overdue. For example, enterprises frequently need to refine and reengineer their processes to meet constraints and opportunities placed by changing markets, technological innovations, and new regulations. The ability to handle such changes in a timely and robust way is one of the major challenges for Process-Oriented Information Systems (POIS) that deal with heterogeneity, reactivity and adaptability in business process reengineering in particular and enterprise applications in general. A change may range from single instance modifications (ad-hoc) to structural schema modifications for all instances (evolutionary changes). On the one hand, process-oriented information systems have been providing significant advance for control-flow issue in order to provide the coordination of atomic activities. On the other hand, event-based systems have been supporting heterogeneous challenges by isolating and handling of event communication from information systems. Interesting opportunities for innovative research abound in the interactions among and integration of the process-oriented, eventbased, and data-driven approaches. The workshop is joined with ICDCS 2017 and will be inclusive, bringing together previously separate communities that now want to interact: process-oriented (e.g., BPM), event-based (e.g., DEBS), and data-driven (e.g., database conferences). Priority will be given to works that integrate the various process-oriented, event-based and data-driven approaches.

Topics included, but are not limited to:
  • Process-oriented systems and business process management
  • Event-driven systems and event management
  • Data-driven systems and process management
  • Business and scientific workflow systems
  • Complex Events and Complex Control-flows
  • Events for flexible and adaptive process management