ICD ClaMLizer is a Protege plugin which provides an user interface for transforming the ICD11 alpha contents of iCAT databases into ClaML format. Basically, the plugin assigns single linear parent, generates ICD codes, and extracts the meta data (superclass, subclass, preferred label, definition, inclusion and exclusion) for each category and renders them into the ClaML format. This ClaML rendering is in turn utilized by WHO for publishing ICD11 alpha draft.

What's New

  • Version 0.2 released at September 30, 2010 - added an export plug-in interface.


  • The tool is developed and maintained by Guoqian Jiang. Any questions or comments, please email to: Guoqian Jiang.




Note that before you install and use the plugin, you need complete the following two steps:

  • Step 1 - Get the SQL dumps of iCAT and  get the pprj files for the corresponding database tables
- see details as described at here.
  • Step 2 - Install a Protege 3.4.3
- Download and install a Protege 3.4.3 which is available at here.


  • Step 3 - Install and enable the ClaMLizer plug-in
- Unzip the downloaded ClaMLizer plug-in contents to the <protege-install-dir>/plugins folder in your Protege installation.
- Create a new OWL project or open an existing OWL project (an example project is available at here)
- Click Menu Project->Configure...
- Enable the checkbox for the ICDClaMLTab from the list
  • Step 4 - Use the ClaMLizer interface
- Specify the file path for the ICD Umbrella pprj file, e.g. <path>/icd_umbrella.pprj
- Specify the file name and path for the claml xml output, e.g. <path>/icd_claml.xml
- Specify a linearization type from a dropdown list (Note: in this release, the plugin can only generate a ClaML rendering for '''Morbidity''' type)
- Click the button "Generate ClaML..." and wait patiently until the processing is completed. (Note: it may take approximately 2 hours for the transformation)

- Note: As an alteration, you may also use the export plugin user interface when your ICD Umbrella pprj file is opened in a Protege environment (see screenshot below).


  • Tab Plug-in

  • Export Plug-in


  • Version 0.2 - September 30, 2010 - added an export plug-in interface.
  • Version 0.1 - September 16, 2010 - first release.


ICD11 alpha contents in iCAT

  • The WHO adopted Web-Protégé for the alpha phase of ICD-11 development and the tool is called '''iCAT''', which stands for the ICD-11 Collaborative Authoring Tool.
  •  The iCAT Users Group website provides an approach on accessing the iCAT content programmatically.


  • ClaML is an acronym for '''Classification Markup Language'''. This is an XML specification meant for the exchange of classifications. The main purpose of this European Standard is to support the safe transfer of the majority of hierarchical healthcare classification systems between organizations and dissimilar software products.