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NDA Sanctioned Player Benefits

  • Free Subscription to ThrowLines Magazine
    (A $15.00 subscription to non-members)
    The NDA ThrowLines magazine offers local, state, regional and world news on the sport of soft-tip electronic darting.  Sanctioned players, dart league coordinators and charter holder members may submit articles for publication.
  • Member only - Cost-savings Programs
    Join the NDA Benefits program today for only $24.99. Receive discounts on prescriptions at participating pharmacies across the country. Visit
    http://www.mygocard.com/nda/ for full details.
  • Team Dart XXIII
    The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be the site of this exciting event April 16 - April 28, 2008.  This event is the largest soft-tip electronic team international tournament, drawing over 12,000 entrants from over six countries.  Single, two-person and four-person team events are offered.  Team Dart XXII offers opportunities for world class competition for all levels of play, from novice to masters.
  • National Awards Program
    This distinctive award pin program is designed to recognize players for various darting accomplishments (feats).  Available exclusively to AMOA-NDA charter holders with active sanctioned players, this program provides the charter holder and dart league coordinator opportunities to recognize outstanding feats by sanctioned players in their leagues.
  • Sanctioned Player Membership Card, Pin and Decal
    Sanctioned players will receive a personalized membership card and an official sanctioned player pin and window decal.
  • National Standardized League Formatting & Rules
    The standardization of league formatting and rules was created to ensure a fair and level playing field for all NDA sanctioned players throughout the world.  NDA sanctioned players are also eligible for the Know the Rules program as well as the NDA Certified Referee Program.
  • NDA Sanctioned Player Rankings & Official Website
    Explore your NDA Player rankings; chat with other darters; and check out the Team Dart Tournament schedule and other great darting information at the official NDA website: www.ndadarts.com.
  • International Tournament Play Opportunities

NDA Sanctioned Player Qualifications:

To become an NDA Sanctioned Player you must participate in league play for an NDA Charter Holder (Camden Ammusements) and pay a small annual sanctioning fee.

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