The International Congress on Science and Technology

International Conference on Current Trends  in Financial Engineering

Month: December 2013

Date: December 21--22

Name: International Conference on Current Trends in Financial Engineering

Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.



The aim of the conference is to introduce undergraduate and Ph.D. students in  Financial Engineeringas well as post-doctoral researchers in a current advances in recently emerged trends of  Financial Engineering


Submission of abstracts with full-length paper to complexgeometry18@yahoo.com with a Cc to ss123a@rediffmail.com : July 25, 2012.


Acknowledgement of accepted papers  by email: August 15, 2012.
Registration of accepted papers:August 25, 2012.





ACTIVITIES. The academic programme of the conference will include activities like workshops, symposia, brain-storming sessions, panel discussions, group discussions, seminars, poster sessions, tutorials, compact sessions etc. on various topics of Financial Engineering including interdisciplinary aspects with recent advances.There will be  Young Scientist Award (Below 35 Years), Senior Scientist Award (Above 35 Years)(Elected as the Fellow of the Society)and best paper award (Presented without age proof.)

Call for Papers

The academic programme of the conference will consist of  following areas:

• Corporate strategic planning

• Portfolio optimization and management

• Primary and derivative securities valuation

• Swaps , derivatives and Securities trading or dealing

• Financial mathematics and Interest rate modeling

• Stocks and exchange rates prediction

• Investment banking

• Risk management and Financial information systems management

• Computer Science and finance

Research Papers in other relevant fields  of Financial Engineering will  also be welcome.


ACCOMMODATION. Moderate accommodation will be arranged on request in the local hotels or guest houses on payment basis. Limited accommodation may be available in the hostel. 

Accommodation in the Economy Hotels of various categories (booking possible only through organizers) 

• US $800/ INR 3000 per night (single occupancy) 
• US $ 600/ INR 2000 per night (twin sharing) 

Participants may reserve the rooms on their own or through the organizers on first-come-first serve basis. Should participants choose to make direct booking, they must inform the organizers of their booking; otherwise discounted tariff offered by the hotel may not be applicable. 
It may be noted that for every category of accommodation reserved through the organizers, the full payment must be made along with registration fee. The mode of payment to be adopted will be notified soon.


International Conference on  Current Trends in  Financial Engineering


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