This section of the Toolbox links you to resources to help you with Mobility Management - creating a customer-focused transit system.

MY TRIP - Mobility Yes! Transit Riders Information Project

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MY TRIP was a two-year project (completed May 2012) which was made possible through a United We Ride Mobility Management Grant received by the state of Illinois from the Federal Transit Administration.

Mobility Coaches developed the MY TRIP Toolkit which is comprised of tools to use at the local level to increase transit options. The Toolkit includes a Rural Travel Training Curriculum with segments for Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities, Rural Health (Users and Medical Facilities), Low Income Housing, Rural Communities, and Employment (Employees and Employers) and ideas about how to use volunteers as Transit Buddies in rural areas.

All resources are accessible via this site and available to be used by anyone.

MY TRIP - Mobility Management Library

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The Mobility Management Library includes summaries of more than 40 significant mobility management source documents compiled by MY TRIP Mobility Coaches.

The Library is organized by the year the resource was published and you can search the site for key topics related to your interests.

This streamlined approach to learning about mobility management is indispensable to those in the field who need information but may have little time to search for it.