The International Congress on Science and Technology

International Conference on Chemical Sciences


Month: December 2013

Date: December 21--22

Name: International Conference on Chemical Sciences.

Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.


The aim of the conference is to introduce undergraduate and Ph.D. students in Chemical Sciences as well as post-doctoral researchers in a current advances in recently emerged trends of Chemical Sciences.

ACTIVITIES. The academic programme of the conference will include activities like workshops, symposia, brain-storming sessions, panel discussions, group discussions, seminars, poster sessions, tutorials, compact sessions etc. on various topics of Chemical Sciences including interdisciplinary aspects with recent advances.There will be  Young Scientist Award (Below 35 Years), Senior Scientist Award (Above 35 Years)(Elected as the Fellow of the Society) and best paper award (Presented without age proof.)

Call for Papers

The academic programme of the conference will consist of  following areas:

• Natural Products Chemistry, Material Science & Nanochemistry

• Physical & Computational Chemistry, Organic Synthesis

• Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Design

• Latest Developments in Water Research

• Recent Advances in Spectroscopy, Renewable Energy

• Coordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Neurochemistry

• Coordination and Inorganic Chemistry

• Educational Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry

• Environmental and Analytical Chemistry

• Heterocyclic Chemistry, Solution Chemistry

• Structure and Function of Pi-Conjugated Systems

Research Papers in other relevant fields  of Chemical Sciences  will also be welcome.

All submitted papers will be under peer review and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding.
Shekhar(New Series) J.Che. Scihttp://sites.google.com/site/shekharnewseriesjchesci/The conference  proceedings are  available  to all the participants during the conference both in printed form and in soft copy.